15+ Colorado / Canyon | 17 + Colorado ZR2 | 2.0 Rear Bolt-On Kit

Locked Off-Road

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Our Best-Selling 2.0' x 2.0' Bump-Stops paired with bolt-on mounts! 

  • 2015 + Chevy Colorado 
  • 2015 + GMC Canyon
  • 2017 + Chevy Colorado ZR2

What do they do for your truck?

Locked Off-Road's Rear Bump-Stop bolt on kit improves gross vehicle motion control, greatly enhances suspension bump capacity and gives your truck exceptional bottoming protection for extreme off-road conditions. 

    Bump Stop Brackets are completely bolt on and easy to install!

    Kit Includes:

    2) Bolt on Brackets

    2) Leaf Spring Strike Pads

    2) Threaded Hydraulic Bump Stops

    All Mounting Hardware Included


    BUMP STOP: 2.0" Diameter Body

    1.26" Shaft

    2" Stroke Length 


    Heavy-Duty bolt-on mounts

    *Trucks with an add a leaf, aftermarket leaf pack, or rear block may require longer u-bolts*